Objective : To making of wall finxing cloth hanger

Material : metal palte,U-shape hook,marker,scale etc.


  • First found out the material for hanger
  • The 2cm wide and 60 cm long platewas selected for the hanger
  • The plate was cut with help of cutter machine
  • Polished the metal plate by using polish paper
  • For hanging purpose we use U-shape hook and cut it into the J-shape for better hanging
  • Cutter was used to cut the hooks
  • The end of the J-shape hook was plane by the bench grinder
  • Also finishing was given to the main plate by the bench grinder
  • Then marked the proper distance on the plate for drilling and welding purpose
  • Drilled the 2 holes on the plate to fix on the wall.
  • Finally welding was done by the electric arc welding.