See how drying happens in south and north side of drying apparatus. Plan the next trials as per previous data.


The next batch started on 8th JAN’19. The procedure followed as follows;

  1. I took 3.5 kg sawdust.
  2. I mixed 11-liter water in sawdust.
  3. I kept the mixture for half an hour as it is.
  4. After that, I did the weight of the mixture.
  5. I took 10 gm sample for LOD.
  6. I distributed wet sawdust evenly on each plate. As follows, Plate One- 1 kg, Plate Two- 1.5 kg, Plate Three- 2 kg, Plate Four- 2.4 kg, Plate Five-2.6 kg, Plate Six- 2.6 kg.
  7. I noted the time when the batch was loaded.
  8. I took samples from the south and north side samples every 6 hours in the day.


Plate no 3,4 and 5 are not drying well as compared to plate no 1,2 and 6.

Next Plan:

To add a solar panel because of the electrical problem in the day.