For storage of water, we generally use the tank made up of ferro-cement, cement or else we purchase it directly from the market which are made up of synthetic plastics. The cost for storing water in all these tank is nearly about minimum 7 to 8 Rs per liter. We decided to make the water tank of 1,50,000 liter capacity  with the help of corrugated sheets and does the all calculations regards to it.

The calculations mainly includes the force exerted by the water on the wall of tank, force on each column and force on each sheet, size of bolt require to withsand that force, thickness of the sheet, buckling in the sheet, Number of sheets require to cover the volume of 1,50,000 liter and many more……..

All the calculations and methdology for calculation, you can find in below PDF file:

water tank calculation

We create the 3D model of actual water tank for the sec of analysis. The 3D model somehow looks like:


We did all the required analysis and found that the tank is safe. We are now going to install the actual set up plan, Hope its also good as our virtual analysis…!!!