Find out the way to divide airflow equally on every side of dome dryer.


This batch was loaded on 4th of January 2019 at 2:30 pm but there was an electricity problem occurred so bat started at 6:30 pm. The procedure I followed was;

  1. I took 3.5 kg sawdust.
  2. Mixed 11-liter water in sawdust.
  3. I kept the mixture for half an hour as it is.
  4. After that, I did the weight of the mixture.
  5. I took 10 gm sample for LOD.
  6. I evenly distributed wet sawdust on each plate. As follows, Plate One- 1 kg, Plate Two- 1.5 kg, Plate Three- 2 kg, Plate Four- 2.4 kg, Plate Five-2.6 kg, Plate Six- 2.6 kg.
  7. I noted down the time when the batch was loaded.
  8. I took samples from the south and north side.
fig2. saw dust batch loading


I observed this batch took more time to dry, it was 72 hours.

Next Plan:

Observe and find out why the dome dryer took too much time to dry substrate and reduce batch drying time.