Problem Statement:- In our Vigyan Ashram’s kitchen, seed grains or pulses are not properly sprouts. there was a need for sprouted pulses or seeds in VA kitchen. I observed that the seed grains or pulses are not properly sprouts by using the traditional method. i.e.keep seeds in water for soaking and then after sometime remove from water and tighten in a cotton cloth for overnight for sprouting. This traditional method tends to smell and gets it sticky. 

On kitchen sprouter project, one of an intern from K. K. Wagh College of Engineering, Nashik has developed the basic prototype in Vigyan Ashram. Ms. Mayuri Tambe worked on kitchen sprouter project. Details for her blog link is:-

After her uncomplete research and not developed at the final model this project has transferred to me.

In this sprouter unit, there are the following problems which I have to resolve:-

1] Handling of tray:-

In this problem handling of the tray is very difficult to get out of the box. So I have to reconstruct PVC pipe stand for easy handling.

2] Water outlet from container:-

In this container all water is not getting outside and that why it is very difficult to change the water for the next batch.

3] Fogger:

In this problem, fogger is not working properly. Fogger is getting a block.

So basically I have to redesign and refabricate sprouter for kitchen system for easy handling and operation.

I started working on this project with the making of tray stand.

First Stand

In the first stand, the tray was getting stuck in PVC stand. So I was given an angle for tray basement in this stand for getting water out completely from the tray. This angle is 20′. The reason behind the selection of this angle is at this angle the material is not moving and stays at the position.

Full set up of Sprouter

I have taken some trials on this setup.

These photos are:-

  • After completion of fabrication, I tested different beans for sprouting on kitchen sprouter.
  • Loaded 3 kg of mug without presoaking and it gives very good results within 24 hours on 14 June 2018.
  • The second trial is taken with 3 kg of matki without presoaking, it also gives better results within 28 hours with 2-3 inches of sprouts on 17 June 2018.
  • The third trial is taken for 1 kg of watana without presoaking and results are within 36 hours on 18 June 2018.
  • The fourth trial is taken for 3 kg of harbhara without presoaking up to 48 hours we get 2-3 inches sprouts on 20 June 2018.
  • The fifth trial is taken for 3 kg of chhole without presoaking and within 48 hours we get 2-3 inches sprouts on 22 June 2018. In chhole we need more water at starting after that need to slow down water sprinkle.

Conclusion:- After this successful result, I need to develop a secondary model. Because we got some another issues in this sprouter.