•  Calculated time interval required for the Scheffler to rotate to keep focus point at the position.
  • It’s delay = 4 minutes, time of rotation = 15 seconds
  •  Worked and tried different connections for Forwarding and Reversal of wiper motor (12V). Finally decided to go with 2 relay-center tap connection.
  •  Calculated Battery size required to run motor approximately for 2 & 1/2 hours. The battery used – 12V, 4.5AH Lead Battery.
  • Program for automatic rotation is written mainly using ‘for’ loop and ‘delay’ functions. Through this program, Arduino controls 2 module relay which in turn operates the motor.
  •  A DC step down converter is used to step down voltage from Battery (12v) to Arduino (5V).
  •  To make control circuit and Motor supply circuit independent of the grid a Solar Panel (17.2V, 37W) is installed on Scheffler window room. The size of the solar panel is calculated based on load (motor) usage.
  • A Charge controller (12V, 5A) is used to control Battery charging from Solar panel and Battery discharging to the load.

Problem statement:

An electronic system installed in the Scheffler because of automatic rotation of the Scheffler with respect to sun rotation.

Arduino supplies the current after a fixed time interval. but the electronic system does not transmit the current to the wiper motor.

fig. Aruino system


  1. check out all connection of the electronic circuit.
  2. check the voltage of solar output.
  3. check battery connection and output voltage.
  4. check all Arduino connection and voltage.
  5. check bug converter input and output voltage.

Problem finds in the bug converter which does not transfer the proper amount of current.

fog .Bug convertor


replace the new bug converter.