Why to made prototype?

In previous model of sprouter unit is not properly working in winter season. In winter season temperature, humidity and air movement are not properly maintain in previous model. Therefore, I have decided that to maintain the temperature with the help of foam sheet. The foam is the insulating material. Therefore model will cover by foam sheet, so as to maintain the temperature.


Steps –

  1. First dimensions of structure were taken.
  2. I had used a foam sheet available in doam and they are cut into the proper dimension with the help of zic saw and heat gun.
  3. I had made “T” shape hooks for attaching purpose of foam sheet, they are joint with the help of spot welding and points are made sharp with the help of grander machine.
  4. Then the foam sheets are attached to the all sides of structure and door is made by polythene paper.
  5. Then the six trays were used for the holding seed gains and bottom side tray provides the water holding purpose. Trays are available in previous structure.
  6. Also submersible pump of 3 M maximum head, 1200 LPH maximum discharge, bubbler and sprinkler available in previous model. Then they are fixed in to the structure.
  7. After that, maximum amount of water was add in bottom water holding tray and pump was place in that bottom tray as shown in fig.
  8. Aquarium bubbler (provide more oxygen in water) place in the bottom tray.
“T” shape hook
Submersible pump



Timer has total 17 ON/OFF programs.

They are manual on/auto/manual off they are depending on setting.


  1. First press the CLOCK button and hold simultaneously press the day and time button until actual day is display. Continue the press the HOURS and MINUTE button until the hours and minute is display.
  2. Then release both buttons. The week and time will be set.
  3. Then the set continues timer.
  4. After pressed the Timer button set the first ON setting and again press the Timer button set the OFF setting.
  5. After complete the settings, they are set on auto and timer was ready to operate.
  6. Then I had set the timer for ON/OFF the sprinklers of sprouting unit
00.00 00.10
1.00 1.10
2.00 2.10
3.00 3.10
4.00 4.10
5.00 5.10
6.00 6.10
7.00 7.10
8.00 8.10
9.00 9.10
10.00 10.10
11.00 11.10
12.00 12.10
13.00 13.10
14.00 14.10
15.00 15.10
16.00 16.10