• Objective:- To study the Modification of BARC Culture.
  • Material:- 500ml flaks,Pipette, Distill Water, Nutrient Broth andCulture sample
  • Procedure:-
  1. Firstly making distill water and flaks pipette are sterile before using
  2. Preparation of media- Nutrient broth 20.8g add into the 1600ml distill water and properly dissolve.
  1. Media was autoclave (120oC,15psi).
  2. Surface sterilization of Laminar Air Flow (LAF).after autoclave media put into the LAF.
  3. Taken 0.5ml BARC Culture with the help of pipette and transfer into the broth media.
  4. Media was put on the shaker for modification of BARC Culture.