Repair and maintenance of water purifier

I had assigned to work on the R.O water purifier.

Firstly I understand different components of the purifier such as pre-filter, membrane, drain, post-carbon filter, etc and the connection of pipes from these components.

Then there was a leakage in the water purifier in the microbiology lab so I have to make it leakage free. So I start the filter and see where is the leakage and then tighten the joints between the pipes and components of the filter and other necessary arrangements were done.

Then we tested the water for checking the pH, TDS, and EC of the water by using digital pH meter, TDS meter, and EC meter respectively. The results of the test are as follow:

pHTDS (ppm)EC (S/m)
Tap water7.5179382
Drinking water7.095202

From the above results, we can see that the filter was working correctly.

Components of water purifier:

  1. Sediment filter
  2. Pre carbon filter
  3. R.O. membrane
  4. TDS controller
  5. Booster pump
  6. Low pressure switch
  7. Solenoid switch
  8. Float switch
  9. Post carbon filter
  10. Storage Tank

Flow diagram of water purifier:

flow diagram

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