An idea for efficient mixing

We decided to rotate the vertical drum about one of its perpendicular axis. This helps in having a tumbling of compost mix and resulted in a better mixing. We experimented this on a small scale where we used a pipe with holes as small size composter.

After studying…

After doing some calculations and force analysis. I came to know that the shaft torque required to lift and rotate such an unbalanced mas is very high. This increases the power rating s on the induction motor. Which in terms increases the capital cost

The concept of the peripheral drive…

So I came up with an Idea for driving the drum with a peripheral contact drive. Thus the torque required for was reduced due to the diameter ration.

For this, I Designed a drum held between two rims of 1m diameter and are rotated by driving wheels at the periphery. This helps in having a small power rating motor since torque required is also less.


3D Model of Batch Compost Mixer V1
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