Dryer Design

Posted by AMOL KHAMKAR on 17 JUN 2018EDIT

  • On Saturday (May 06, 2018) Dr. J.B. Joshi Sir visited Vigyan Ashram and the discussion on dryer design were happen.
  • In this discussion the rough design were decided to work on.

  • The points related to the dryer design were as following
  1. The box will be of 15 trays size
  2. The tray size will be 50cm × 50cm × 1 cm size
  3. The space between bottom to bottom of two trays will be 2.5cm
  4. There will be door from one side for loading and unloading of trays.
  5. Two sides will have the holes.

In this Dryer design, The CAD modelling work is assigned to me, Which I have to send it to Ameya Kulkarni for CFD analysis.

  1. Initial model made in CATIA V5 R20 as follow

Fig. Exploded View

Box Detail Drawing.jpg
Tray Detailed Drawing1.jpg
  • In this design after discussing with Dixit Sir I have taken the box dimensions for 40cm × 40cm size trays.
  • The trays designed were perforated.

After sending it to Ameya we got return mail stating that ;

  1. The design should be for 50cm × 50cm size trays only
  2. The trays should not be perforated
  3. Inlet and Outlets are missing
  4. To reduce the clearance between door and trays

2. Modified Design In CATIA V5 R20

Assembly 1.JPG

Fig. Assembly

Exploded 1.JPG

Fig. Exploded

This modified design includes all the suggestions mentioned by Ameya.

After sending this design following suggestions we got to modify in current model

  1. The hole positions should be like

Fig. Hole Positions

2. The inlet and outlet hole positions should be same

3. The hole size should be 0.5 cm and the holes should be for all the 15 trays.

3. Modified Model


This model sent to Ameya sir.

After this again one change suggested by Ameya is to make the inlet holes on the side wall.

Now the following final model has sent to Ameya which is confirm by them as final and then the conversations related to manufacturing of it started.

4. Final Model


Final Model