While testing first prototype, during third trial we observed that first prototype performs very well after increasing openings of composter.

Also composting trays at Dixit sir’s home are also doing good. So sir suggested to calculate opening area for that trays.

So I calculate that for trays and also for the first prototype.

I found the relation between open to closed surface area for trays and for prototype.

It is 15% for prototype and 40 % for trays.


Also due to its shape of domestic composter, waste is not mixed very well so I moved for next prototype.

This second prototype should be of cylindrical shape, picture in my mind.

So again I used whatever available and made a second prototype.

This is made up of 18% open area.

Actually I wanted to make it with of 15% opening  area but due to some mistakes in calculations, I drilled more holes on the cylinder… 🙂

So it is of 18% opening area.

Domestic Composter


Trials are going on….