Problem: – Drum is not rotating properly.


  1. Drum slips over driver shaft
  2. Misalignment of gearbox with drum coupling
  3. Welding of drum holding bracket is not firm
  4. Keyway of gear box shaft is not proper.


While trouble shooting I found a root causes:-

  • Drum slips over driving shaft:-


  1. Key is not used to couple driving shaft and coupling to rotate drum.

20180215_124349Only grub screws in coupling could not bear that load coming from driving shaft.

  • Misalignment:-

Motor is fitted below centre line of coupling & bearing.


  1. Key way is made on driving shaft of 3*6*30 mm


2. Mounting carriage of motor is fitted properly.

3. Drum holding bracket is welded properly.


I made some modifications like

  1. Holes of 5mm diameter are drilled on the drum so that ventilation gets properly.

2. Also baffles are fitted inside the drum to shuffle waste or compost properly.


3. Slots are made on Motor holding brackets so that it can be easily installed.

20180216_120149.jpg 20180216_154057


4. Door of drum is fixed with self-locking screws.


After all the remedies actions and modification, trials are taken for 30 Kg loading of drum with sand.

Rotation cycle is given as after 5 minutes of delay drum will rotate for 1 minute.

After three cycles of trials it is observed that drum is not slipped over driving shaft but it slips in holding bracket.

**Holding metallic bracket is fixed with drum with self-locking screws.


After that modification two trials are taken on Drum with loading condition.

It works properly.