Hello everyone,

As a intern @Design Innovation Centre Vigyan Ashram, we have various opportunities to learn new technologies like 3D printing.

Yes, of course I want to learn 3D printing so I decided to print a simple part initially. But Dixit sir ( our Mentor ) came to us and said, ” you can print that component which would be useful or select a problem and find a solution through 3D printing“.

He gave me a Scissor and asked, “can you make it functional?” .

Actually ‘Learn while you doing and do while you learning’ is the philosophy of Vigyam Ashram so this is the best issue to solve.

So, I studied and made a design of scissor and printed it on 3D printer. Here are some images.

Well it’s working properly.

It’s a really very good experience to learn new technique and solve problem.

And of course it is not possible without guidance and support, thank you Komal, Supriya, Rohan and Suhas Sir.

We have lots of food for thought here…

Thanks & Be Happy….. 🙂