As per the design of air channeling I fabricated the first tier of dryer. The first tier is made up of individual frames which are wall mounted radially from inside of the dome. The shape of the frame is tapering towards the center of dome This is to maintain equal velocity of air entering through the holes.

The picture shows the first tier prototype.


 On top of the tray i used shed net for keeping the drying material. Each trapezoidal tray is s individual bamboo frame. It is just for trial basis I have used Shed net and Bamboo. The plan is to used food grade plastic mesh or SS304 [stainless steel] meshing  foe keeping the drying product.

The bottom side of the frame is covered with Flex sheet used to make outdoor advertisement banner. It is a fabric which is flexible and has very high tensile strength. This forms the air channel under the tray. Thus restricting air and allowing it to pass through the mesh trays only.