*NOTEs to all:

  • For timelines and planning, please use Gantt charts.
  • Make blogs please. 
  • Form this time onwards, there will be only one heading for assignments and projects, that is Projects.
  • Check out https://www.behance.net to have an exposure of how great design feels.

  1. Abhijeet Savant
    1. Timeline provided but not in Blog format. Please note that blog is not just a simple timeline, its a format commonly acceptable by many people all over the world.
    2. Otherwise, content is updated. Good work on ARTI stove.
    3. Tasks for next week:
      1. Make stove on plasma.
      2. Repair contract aggrement with Provenant systems.
      3. Update on Geodesic study. (Check this link)
  2. Jyoti Dhumal (Please follow instructions from last time.)
  3. Sandeep Jundare (Absent)
    1. (Not updated since 11th Aug)
  4. Mayur Daptare
    1. Tasks:
      1. Make timeline of both projects.
      2. Design of PCB for Vibration charger on modella.
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger
      1. Blog should be aligned and neat.
      2. Market survey is not complete.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1. Please ask yourself what is real market survey?
          1. How many products are there in market like vibration charger?
          2. What technology they use?
          3. What price they sell?
          4. Do they have any products in India?
          5. Does an indian customer want it? Does a customer need it in Pabal? Ask 10 people this questions.
        2. Make solidworks model.
        3. Make Gantt chart with Mayur.
    2. Rice husk machine
      1. Your videos must be clearly written, date time position.
      2. Video titles must be given.
      3. Tasks:
        1. Make solidworks model visible online, even if its incomplete.
        2. Make Gantt chart.
    3. E-bike box
      1. Tasks:
        1. Call Mr. Bhange on monday.
  6. Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter
      1. Design of filter missing.
      2. Tasks for next week:
        1. Check previous review for what design inputs are missing.
        2. Report problems occurring at the tank now.
    2. Soak pit
      1. Main page not having real content.
      2. Tasks:
        1. Add content to main page.
        2. There is no info on the drum you have bought, or going to buy. Add this.
        3. Add blog post on the number of available soakpit designs. What is the soakpit design popular in maharashtra, ask Arun Dixit.
        4. Out of many soakpit designs why have you chosen one particular design?
    3. Tasks of guiding Jyoti not carried out properly.
  7. Prachi Samarth (Absent, working at DIY Lab, Pune)
  8. Vishwas Shinde (Arrived late, no updates)
  9. Dipali Kambale (Absent, Ill, no review)
    1. Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers.
      1. Good updates on oxygen use in hospitals.
      2. But mixed blog posts of two projects!
      3. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make an invoice for 30% for fabricating first prototype.
        2. Ask Parag (Genrich) for appointment to get old compressors.
        3. Repair categoris of blog posts, green gym concept note should not be visible in NEOEU.
    2. Green gym project
      1. Made presentations, but i have to edit it.
      2. Tasks for next review:
        1. Blog menu not ok. Please correct.
        2. Visit site and take a picture, or ask client to send some pictures of site.
  10. Shubham Shembade
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. Calculations made, but Subir will have to check and help.
      2. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make timeline of your project.
    2. COD hot plate
      1. Very good effort to make hotplate in time. However, there was a failure which you have taken in very good spirit. Good job overall.
      2. Tasks:
        1. Give timeline for version 2.