Date = October 2022


In the dunk and soil there are many type of bacteria which help in growing of plants now by putting jaggery and baseni we provide bectria food to grow now we put cow urin in it for providing some nutrient like NITROGEN etc


How to prepare jeevamrit ?

Materials to be needed

1 cow dunk = 10 kg

2 cow urin =10 kg

3 jaggury = 1kg

4 basun = 1 kg

5 soil = 1 kg

6 water = 100

Preperation for 100 liter

I took 10 kg cow dunk and cow urin and mix it with 10 liter water and put it in a 100 liter volume drum

after that i mixed 1 kg jaggery and 1 kg basun and 1 kg soil with 10 liter water and then mixed it well there shouldn’t be any balls

now i put it in the drum and put remaning 70 liter of water in the drum and now the drum contanes 100 liter of Jeevamrit mixture now i need to mix it well for 7 days

I mixed it in clock wise direction every day in morning and evening now after 7 days the solution which we got has a concentrate amount of bacterias which when given in field will boost the nutrient consumption in plants this should be diluted in 10 times more water and given to plants


Now I can provide more amount of nutrients with the help of Jeevamrit in low budget