aim of this project is to collect and store that water and utilize the water . The project starts by collecting some important researches on rainwater Harvesting and studied them. measure the dimension of roof catchment area. Then other required data are collected i.e. hydrological rainfall data, temperature. The volume of water will calculate for determining to provide combined water tank.

Components of rooftop rainwater harvesting:

1) Roof catchment

2) Gutters

3) Down pipe

4) Storage Tank

Need of project:

1)As water is ending up rare, it is simply the need of the day to accomplish independence to satisfy the water needs.

2) As urban water supply system is under colossal weight for providing water to consistently

expanding populace.

3) Groundwater is getting exhausted and contaminated.

4) Health perils because of utilization of contaminated water.


  1. To calculate total rainwater potential
  2. To study about rainwater harvesting components

Rainwater Harvesting For workshop:

Rainwater captured = Area *Rainfall

 Fig: Finding area of roof of workshop by using google earth pro
Fig : While measuring length of workshop building






Rainwater harvesting potential of DIC=260*0.6*0.9


                                                                    =140400 Liter

Girls hostel



Rainwater harvesting potential of Girls hostel=15*9.5*0.6*0.7


                                                                    =59850 Liter

Boys Hostel



Rainwater harvesting potential of boys hostel=96*0.7



Memorial Hall=12*19*06*0.7





Total rainwater potential=673710 litres

Today I had discussion with Nandini on following points. she has joined vigyan ashram as DIC intern.

Drinking water requirement = 3L

Cooking = 4L

Flushing = 40 L

Bathing = 20L

Washing cloth = 20L

Washing utensils = 5L

Total 92 L/day/person

Water requirement for cooking and drinking= 12 L

Girls in hostel = 10

Boys = 32+12+12


Total = 75

Total Water requirement for day =75*12=900L

Water requirement for month =900*31=27900L

Water requirement for year = 900*365= 3,28,500L


We can save 345210L of water

For girls hostel

Water harvesting potential for girls hostel is=59.85 m cube



=0.85*15/3600000*3777.5=0.02087m cube per second




=0.02087/0.785*0.1*0.1*0.1=30 pipes

If we need one pipe then n=1

and dia will be 0.26 m


Required component:

Types of water pump:

Some pumps with price

Mini champ water pump=4300-4400

Kirloskar chhoty star ultra=4200-4300

Havells hi flow=5000-5200

Usha smash

Lakshmi 1 hp self-priming Monoblock water pump=3600-3800


Steps to calculate hp  of water pump:

Today we (Mrunal, samarth and me) discussed about this concept and tried to find out total hp of water pump for girls hostel

1.Decide on the desired flow rate

2. Estimate friction losses from the pipe

3. Measure the height the water needs to travel.

4. Add the pumping lift and friction loss together

5. Look up the specific gravity if you are pumping anything besides water.

6. Enter these values into the water horsepower formula

7. Divide horsepower by pump efficiency.


Different roof material have different water holding capacities. There should be proper harvesting system for rainwater harvesting.