• Pizza

About Pizza 

Pizza is a flat bread made in a furnace, mainly served with tomato sauce, cheese and various other Topping. It originated in ltaly and is now popular all over work.

Nutrition information

per quantity100 g
Calorie (kcal) 266
total fat 10g
saturated fat 4.5g
trans fat 0.2g
Cholesterol 17mg
sodium 598mg
Potassium 172mg
Total Carbohydrate 33g
dietary fiber 2.3g
sugar 3.6g
Protein 11g


Sr.noMaterialQuantitiesRateCost per Pizza
1Meda.150 gm351kg5.25
8vegetableCapsicum, tomato , green chili, cabbage , onion ,ginger5 rupees5
10Pizza sauce15gm1590gm2.5
Total cost of pizza – 50.29

Tools used in making pizza

Step1:- Take some water in a bowl.

 Add sugar and dry yeast to the water

 Keep it for 10 minutes

Step2:- Add yeast and sugar solution to the flour

Step3:- Add milk powder /milk

Make flour dough

Step4:- Keep this dough for 1 hour for formation

Step5:- Spread the dough by applying butter in the pizza pan

Step6:- Spread the dough like bread on the pizza pan

Step7:- Apply pizza sauce on pizza

Step8:- Add all the chopped vegetables on top

Step9:- After all, put cheese on the pizza

Step10:- Put in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes

Step 11:- After 10 minutes take out the pizza from the oven and cut the pizza pieces with a pizza cutter

To make pizza we went to the coast on a pizza

One Pizza’s Coast 50. 29

Peanut and Jaggery Chikki

First take peanuts and jaggery
300gGood 300g Peanuts
cleaning peanuts
After that fry the peanuts on low flame and after cooling it divide it into two parts and then

After cleaning, slowly cook the jaggery on a low flame, after that, see if the jaggery has a slight bitterness in the water, if it does.

Put fried peanuts in it and cook it on a low flame, as soon as jaggery and peanuts are mixed, then put it on the cutting tray and flatten it with a rolling pin or round roller and cut it into square parts with a cutter. Groundnut grinder is prepared and weighed, then it comes to 480 grams.

Jaggery and Peanut Chikki costing

   Total cost85.1

Moringa Chikki

chiki cutting tool

First of all, take peanuts, sesame seeds and clean them.
Now fry them.
After frying, mix them in the mixer grinder and prepare the coat.

jaggery Pak and fry i

After this, take 300g mix from this mixer and add 20g moringa powder to it.
After that take 300g jaggery and cook it on a low flame.
And later put the measured mixer in the jaggery Pak and fry it.
Then put it on the cutting tray and cut it, in this way the moringa grinder is ready.

Moringa Chikki Costing

6.Moringa powder20g600/kg12/-
   Total cost97.8

Veg Patties

First of all take 600g all purpose flour and mix it with cold water.

Then put it in the fridge for 15 minutes
They are then taken out and molded into the shape of a chapati.
Put ghee in it, fold it and keep it in the freeze for 15 minutes, this process has to be done 3 times.
so he has to make a big chapati

cut it into squares
then fill the stuffing in it
After that put it in the oven at 250c degree and cook it for 30 minutes.


boil and clean potatoes
grind it by hand
Fry oil, add onion, curry leaves and fry it.
Add garam masala powder, red chili, turmeric, salt, cumin and fry
then cook for 5 minutes
Then fill the stuffing in the squares prepared for patties.

Big loaf

  • Maida = 3kg
  • East=60g
  • Banking Powder=12g

First dissolve the east.

Mix banking east and keep it for 20 minutes
Till then add flour and knead it like a dough.
Mix with east mixer.

Leave it for fermentation for 2 hours.

Now round it into small pieces and keep them in a tray.

Keep them covered with tray cotton for fermentation for 2 hours.
After that put it in the oven and fry it at 250 degree setting the timer for 15 minutes.

In this way the pav is ready.


  • Maida 500g
  • Sugar = 400g
  • Vanaspati Ghee = 400g

First take 400 grams of vegetable ghee and heat it.

Ghee and flour will be mixer.
Add fine sugar to it and mix it.

After that add different colored flavors to it and mix it well.
and ferment it

Then they are molded on a flat plate.
Cut it into different shapes and place it in a tray and then cook it in the oven for 15 minutes.

In this way Nankhatai is prepared.

During the food lab class, I learned to make Pizza, Peanut Chikki, Moringa Chikki, Patties, Pav, and Nankhatai.