Colony Polymeric Chain Reaction.

Objective – The study of PCR is to amplify a specific DNA or RNA fragments.

Material – PCR vails, Eppendrof tubes, Micropipette , Nicrome wire loop.

Chemical – for 4 reaction

PCR master mix – 100ul , Mili Q Water – 68ul, Forword primer – 8ul, Reverse primer – 8ul, template DNA.

Sample– Pure colony in pure streak plate (a2,a5) & Liquid culture (a11, a33).


  1. Taken 4 eeppendrof tubes add in the 100ul Mili Q Water and isolate one pure colony in a2 streak plate and dissolved in 100ul of M Q W same process in 3 tubes.
  2. Then other one tube made PCR solution 100ul PCR Master Mix + 68ul of M Q W + 8ul of Forword primer + 8ul of Reverse primer + Template DNA.
  3. Above made PCR solution add 46ul in each new 4 vails and add 4ul of template DNA
  4. Then this 4 vails put on the PCR machine and set the programme and start.
  5. Then PCR cycle completed in 02h:09m