Introduction :

I have work on the project of running light, which was explained below 😇.

Milling PCB
Designed PCB

I design the PCB first, then I cut it, and then I use a tool (hand drill) to drill it.

Hand Drilling

I have to attach the component using the given circuit schematic following the drilling procedure.

circuit diagram
Schematic Diagram

Then I need to solder every component listed below :

  1. BC547
  2. 1k Resistor
  3. 10k Resistor
  4. 100k POT
  5. IC 4017
  6. 555 timer IC
  7. 1N4007 diode
  8. 100uF and 47uF capacitors
doing soldering
Soldering the components

After the soldering process our PCB is now ready to test 🤩🥳. After checking the PCB twice and one more, I discovered that the polarity of our diode was reversed. I changed the polarity and checked the PCB once more, but the problem persisted🤔. The issue was that since LEDs do not blinking when we turn on the power, they remain on.

Photo while testing
While testing PCB

I made the decision to test the circuit on a breadboard and for that I start to tracing the circuit schematic on paper using the model available in the market.

Drawing New Circuit Diagram
Drawing New Circuit Diagram