Introduction:Turbo ventilator is a natural air ventilator system, which works on wind and temprature and pressure difference.It helps to create a healthy work environment by helping to remove inside humidity,dust,smell,inner house gases,heat to atmosphere.

. Date 01/02/2022

. Work on turbo ventilator

Turbo ventilator is used to design to exaust, humidity,dust,smell,inner house gases,heat to atmosphere.

Sheet without moulding
sheet with moulding

we work on moulding and drilling operations in M.S sheet

Date 03/02/2022

we work as a same as 01/02/22 of some drilling and riveting

operation in one side M.s sheet base mount.

Date 04/02/2022

we riveting on another side of M.s sheet base mount

Date 05/02/2022

After discussion with Mr.Dixit sir we assume that the distance gap between

base mount and curve plate is more, so we take decision to fit the curve plate

at inner portion of the base mount.

Date 07/02/2022

we paint the base mount with help of compressor,red oxide ,painting color.

Date 12/02/2022

  1. Problem Identified :

leakage water in base of turbo ventilator,we use tar for

solving this problem.

Result: we install the turbo ventilator by fitting tar at base.