Preparation of Organic Liquid Fertilizer – Jeevamrutha.

  1. Introduction –

Liquid organic fertilizers can be prepared by using several farm inputs. So the cost required to prepare these liquid organic manures are very less compared with the chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They can supply essential nutrients to the crop plant and also provide several growth promoters and biocontrol agents to prevent disease and pest infestation. 

Jeevamrut promotes immense biological activity in soil and makes the nutrient available to crop. In these liquid manures, beneficial organisms survive and are helpful in phosphate and potash solubilization , nitrogen fixation.  Application of these organic liquid formulations will enhance the soil microbial activity and population to a larger extent.

It contains macronutrients, essential micro nutrients, many vitamins, essential amino acids, growth promoting factors like IAA, GA and beneficial microorganisms. 

Jeevamrutha Contains different types of fungi like phosphorus solubilising fungi are Aspergillus spp., Penicillium spp. It also contains phosphorus solubilizing bacterias like Bacillus spp., pseudomonas spp. Jeevamrutha having nitrifying bacterias like Azotobacter spp., Bacillus spp., Beijerinckia spp.

  1. Jeevamrutha preparation method –  
  1. Take 100 litres of water in a drum.
  2. Add 500 g of Jaggery in it and dissolve it which is a source of carbon.
  3. Then adding 500 g of chickpea flour  gives protein which is essential for growth microorganisms.
  4. Then 10 kg of cow dung is added to it which is also a carbon source and contains many microorganisms.
  5. Then add 5 litres of cow urine and mix it well.