Vigyan Ashram has designed & developed a “Polyhouse Fan Pad System” for Precision Agriculture practices as well as for farmers. Users of the manual will be able to build their own Polyhouse Fan Pad System using this manual. All the Bills of Materials (BOM) and dimensions of the systems are given in the design. We have provided designs files drawn using Solidworks along with this manual. Users are suggested to read the manual carefully along with the site conditions before fabrication of the unit.

Purpose of Manual
  •  To share the standardized design of Polyhouse Fan Pad System suitable for Precision Agriculture practices as well as farmers.
  • Design to be made available online for local fabricators to build Polyhouse Fan Pad System for their customers.
Product Description

This is a Polyhouse Fan Pad System. This system can be deployed on plain ground. A Polyhouse typically made from G.I. and covered in polyethene. For structure, this system has the following main parts are G.I. Truss, truss supports & Columns. The system consists of 14 G.I. Truss & truss supports as well as 21 Columns. On one side of the structure having Cellulose Pads (Honeycomb Structure) and on the opposite side two Fan units of 1.1 KW AC motors. For cooling of pads, water delivered through the distribution pipe.

  • Total area required: (28 mtrs*16.12 mtrs) = 451.36 mtr2 = 4858.40 sq.feet
  • Method Used: Polyhouse Fan Pad System
How does it work? – Polyhouse

A polyhouse is a specially constructed structure like a building for growing plants under controlled conditions. It is covered with a transparent material like polyethene as such permits the entry of natural light.  polyhouse is covered hence it provides protection to crop from harmful UV rays, excessive rainfall, frost and pests. Polyhouse provides favourable growing conditions to crop so that we can have maximum yield and as we can have controlled climatic conditions so we can also have off seasonal produce. In polyhouse drip irrigation is used which saves water and also helps in getting a higher yield.

Polyhouse Fan Pad System

In this system, Cooling pads are mounted in one end wall or sidewall of the Polyhouse. They are supplied with water from a pipe above the pads and excess water is collected in a gutter at the bottom. Air drawn through the wet pads by slow axial fans mounted in the opposite end wall or sidewall is saturated and cools the greenhouse.

Evaporative cooling, which uses the heat in the air to evaporate water from plants and other wetted surfaces can be used to cool the greenhouse as much as 10 to 12 0C below the outside temperature. Although evaporative cooling is most effective in dryer climates.

The heat that is needed for evaporation is taken from the air itself. The air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified simultaneously without any external energy supply for the evaporation process.