Terrace garden is also known as roof garden .

It is the garden in which vegetables, flowers, fruits are develop on Terrace or in balconies of buildings.


To know the process of terrace farming.

Establishing & quantify feasibility of terrace garden.

Important and advantage

  1. In terrace farming the major benefit is the conservation of soil and water.
  2. Reduced heat absorption of buildings and insulating the building against heat and cold.
  3. Reduced indoor temperature by 6-7°c and can Reduced air conditioning cost.
  4. The convenience of safe, pesticides- free healthy green and fresh fruit or vegetables performs as a habitat for city weary birds.
  5. Reduced sound pollution
  6. increase the amount of oxygen in the air.

Terrace gardening planning

we seleet the area / place where we planted the plants.

we draw the rough sketch.

Then we dicided which plants have been planted their.

Then we collect the soil & also dry mather.

We foldrls all those bags then we added dry matter, the green matter/added one layer of soil.

We fill all the bags.

For the growth of creepers we make a structure.

We place the bags as in drawing.

Then we planted the plants we made the drop system as per plant position.

Our Work

Giving water to the plants up to 10 – 15 min for plants growth.

Cheak water pH, EC, TDS, temperature, nitrate, etc.

removed all the weeds for vigorous growths of plants.

Weekly cheak drip system.

If necessary or as per plant situation some spraying and drinching is done.

in water we added 50 gm sugar and also added 13 gm urea for the better growth of bacteria.

Data collection & daily report

In this following Google sheet we update our collction & fertilizer dose & our work which is done.

Plants photos

Letuse plants

Preparation of dashaparni ark, chili ark and tobbaco ark

Why it is necessary?..

We do terrace farming / organic farming for obtain the product is free from chemical pestidics.

we use less pestisides ; but at some caces some paste, disease are seen on crop at that time for control this paste and disease we use dashaparni ark, chili ark, tobacco ark.


dashaparni ark:-

Garlic and chilli ark:-

we are making 10 lit. ark, mix the following ingredients.

  1. grind chilli :- 90gm
  2. grind ginger :- 180gm
  3. grind garlic :- 90gm
  4. soap :- 50gm

Grind chilli, ginger and garlic are mix well.

All this above paste mix in 10 lit water.

and this place in air tight container.

Spraying rate:-

750ml ark + 15 lit water +15 g soap mix well and spray it.

Important tips:-

It place in air tight container only.

At the time of spraying filter the solution.

At the time of spraying add sop solution ( in 15 lit add 15gm sop ).

It use after 2 -3 days.

At the time of garlic grind garlic separated from its cover.

It control the following peste and disease:-

It control flies, bresdcrumbs, aphids, crumbly, termites, fungi, bacteria, white fly, mosqutoes, etc.