Sewing through multiple layers of fabric to create one thick layer – typically involves three parts: cloth top, batting middle, cloth bottom. Although most of us have probably seen or wrapped yourself in one of these blankets, you might not know what makes a quilt . It’s a multi-layered textile that comprises three layers: a woven top cover, a middle layer of batting or wadding, and a woven back. Through the technique of quilting, the three sections are sewn into one cozy cloth.

Let’s make a sketch

I draw a sketch of my imagination about quilting. This help me to select fabrics, colors and texture of fabrics.

For the purposes of this quilt, I use 100% cotton fabric with different colors.

Calculation of quilt

Blocks: 6*10
Squares: 60

60 * 42 inches

And each square is 6*6 inches

Cutting fabric and sew with each other

It’s done…!!

The best set-up for quilting is putting your sewing machine at the very edge of a table so the quilt has somewhere to go as you sew it.

The best of all quilting accessories.

I highly, highly recommend using a walking foot for quilting. A walking foot looks a bit like something out of Star Wars, but it does wonders for keeping your fabrics in line. It works like the feed dogs under the needle that pull the fabric through – just on top! So you get extra flattening pulling power which helps prevent the stitches from getting strained and tiny, and keeps your fabric from puckering and ruching an insane amount!

I attempted to quilt half of the quilt using my regular presser foot (just so I could say, “Hey, it’s okay, use a regular foot!”) and the backing fabric had a field day, shifted something awful. So I’ll be trimming the quilt a bit, not a big deal. 

But just be warned… a walking foot will make your life easier.