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1).Composting is the conversion of solid organic material into a humus like substance by controlled biological decomposition. … Duringcomposting, the microorganisms consume oxygen while feeding on organic matter.

2) The process is aerobic, meaning it requires oxygen.  The process uses naturally occuring microorganisms such as bacteria, actinomyces and fungi to break down the organic compounds into simpler substances in addition to larger creatures including worms and insects.

3) Composting is a viable process of treating solid waste for beneficial use and destroying pathogens, diseases and undesirable weed seed during the process.  By properly managing air, moisture and nutrients, the composting process can transform large quantities of organic material into compost in a relatively short time.

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Recently I am working to make a composter which is used for the composting of waste material generated from my house but if this work gets successful I shall try to make a composer such that it will be help for the whole of my society for proper management of waste generated from their house and for its composting.