Q1. Study science behind problem and solutions.

Ans – Biodegradable society waste can be used for compost and that compost can be used for  terrace gardening. Empty space will be used and it will help society people to engage in physical activity. production will be managed as per daily demand. 

Q2. Find out similar work done reference to your problem.

Ans- 1. RUR Green life PVT LTD in mahim work on composting and gardening.

2. Amulya Boondh an NGO works on water conservation and composting methods, gardening.

3. Urban Leaves (founder -Preeti Patil- 2009)  in mumbai have 40 terrace farms registered with them.

They work on waste managment – converting kitchen waste into compost and using that same compost for producing vegetables. They produce Amrut Mitti.

Q3. Write big picture of your project if it becomes successful.

It will help societies in waste management. Production of vegetables will make them self reliant.