The Problem

I Proudly want to say I’m citizen of Latur Dist of Marathwada region of Maharshtra

Latur and all Marathwada region is import part of MAHARSHTRA in educational,agriculture & political etc perspective.But due to some natural and man made causes .this region is facing N’number of problems like Migration,farmers suicide,less employment,less industrial area,less yield ,insufficient supply of “Drinking Water“.I think all of these problems are related to WATER only

After observing this problem, i found that this is not actually problem caused due to nature only but partly it is , I think it is a man made crises too (as per my view). the main points are 1)less awareness about water and its effective use 2) less “Water literacy”and 3) less water saving operations.

In Latur the water problem goes up at high level that like a war situation was happened so administration had imposed SEC 144. Latur required Water train for supplying Drinking water.

So thats why i decided to work on ENVIRONMENT specially on WATER with Sustainable Development GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

I am working and studying on Water in forms of water Conservation , wastewater treatment ,rainwater harvesting, watershed management project with the help & under guidance of my college MBES COE Ambajogai, Yogeshwari Education Society Ambajogai , Manavlok NGO Ambajogai and Vigyan Ashram

The Simple Solution

wastewater treatment plant

i started my study and work with rainwater harvesting with that, now i am working on DECENTRALIZED System form Wastewater treatment for public as well as institutional building

following image shows my GRAY water treatment plant (at modification level need some updates in it ).this is not final design but showing significant result after addition of Yellow water ( It is basically urine collected through urinals) with Gray. It needs some changes in it for working effectively and for that i am testing the water.

Project Location- At Yogeshwari Education Society’s Boy’s Hostel , Ambajogai.

This is one of my Step as LATURkr (लातूरकर) towards save water as individual level with my best use of knowledge. i just want to say that Save the Drop of Water Like a Diamond for the future.