In my project solar schefler , I was collected all information related to solar schefler . Second day we are going to pune market and purchase all parts for solar schefler. Next day take solar panel having 37 watt power,wiper 12v motor,arduino board R3,7809 Dc to DC converter, capacitors , solar charge controller,glass for solar collector, Battery having 13 volt and 1.56 Amp.Worm motor having gear ratio 30:1,etc

Project working : first off all solar panel is take rays from sun and produce electricity. Then this electricity supply to battery and arduino board. Then Arduino can fill programme for automation by using programme. Aurduino take power and give signal to motor for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. Four minutes delay for move schefler. Then schefler can catch solar rays and collect due to parabolic structure. This rays transfer to cooking station and I was boiled water by using this project.