Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in farming and small scale sustainable, organic farming. Vermicomposting can also be applied for treatment of sewage. This method of recycling converts organic materials that have traditionally been viewed as waste into a valuable soil amendment for plants and crops. When vermicompost is added to soil, it boosts the nutrients available to plants and enhances soil structure and drainage.


Vermicompost has the following advantages over chemical fertilizers. It restores microbial population which includes nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers etc. Provides major and micro- nutrients to the plants. Improves soil texture and water holding capacity of the soil.


Isolation of MOS from vermicompost and vermiwash.


  1. Vermicompost
  2. Vermiwash
  3. PDA media
  4. NA media
  5. Petri plates
  6. Test tubes
  7. Spreader
  8. LAF
  9. Incubator
  10. Autoclave
  11. Beaker
  12. Microtips and micropippete.


  1. Prepared PDA and NA media .
  2. Autoclaved media,petri plates,distilled water,test tubes,spreader,microtips at 121C temp and 15 lbp pressure for 20 min.
  3. For Maintaining asceptic condition : At the same time, clean LAF(laminar air flow) using aceton / 80% ethanol and ON UV light for 15-20 min.after 20 min OFF UV light and and ON blower and day light.
  4. Then all remaining procedure carried out under asceptic conditions.
  5. After sterilization, media poured into petri plates (approximately 30 ml/plate)
Image : vermicompost and vermiwash setup.
  1. Serial dilution: for serial dilution ,weigh 1 gm of vermicompost.Take 10 sterile test tube and filled it with 9 ml distilled water each. Dissolve 1 gm vermicompost in it and subsequently transfer 1 ml aliquot from test tube 1 to last.Then finally we have concentration of trichoderma would be 10-1,10-2,…..10-9
  2. After solidification of media, add 0.2 ml of aliquot from test tube (with concentration 10-4 ) on petri plate.And spread equally on whole petri plate.
Image 1 : Innoculation of vermiwash and vermicompost.
  1. Follow same protocol for all the test tubes with different concentration and innoculate on the different petri plate.
  2. Packed petri plates with parafilm. And kept it in incubator at 37 C temp for 4/5 days.
Image 2 : Kept petri plates in incubator.
  1. Follow same protocol for vermiwash. (Collect the vermiwash from subsequently three days. Take 1ml and follow serial dilution protocol.)
  2. Growth after 5 days has been observed.