Solar Dome LED light 

  • Solar Dome LED light: Solar Dome LED light is composed of a LED strips, solar panels, regulated circuit and there may also be a battery, charge controller. The LED strips operate on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar photovoltaic panels. This lamp is used to give light in rural, tribal, slum areas.
  • Objective : 
  1. To use solar dome light as an important alternative to electricity in areas where electricity is difficult to reach especially in rural and tribal areas.
  2. To solve the problem of light in areas where daylight is required.
  3. To increase use of renewable energy because it’s pollution free energy.
  • Project description : 

Even today, 23 million households (in over 292,000 villages) live without electricity in rural and tribal areas in India. Lack of resources, poor planning, power theft and geographical conditions in remote areas have led to absence of electricity in every village. Most of the village where electricity has reached, load shedding is more than 7-8 hours/day. Many rural and slum households do not have enough sunlight in their rooms during day time. Solar energy is the best alternative to electricity. So we can use solar dom light in remote and rural areas.

  • Features
  1. Clean energy source for day and night
  2. Low cost, low maintenance, long life
  3. More efficient, reliable
  4. Easy to operate, small in size 
  5. Ideal for rural and slum houses
  • Required material and specifications:
Sr. No.Material description SpecificationQuantity
1Solar panel 10 watt1
2Capacitor 1000μF1
3Regulated Ic78051
4LED stripsDC 4V5
5DomeCircular shape1
6SwitchSPST ON-OFF switch1
Image No. 1 Required material for solar dome LED light
  • Other material

Connecting wires, multimeter, soldering gun, insulation tape, glue gun, zero pcb etc.

 Connection diagram of Solar Dome light

Image 2 : Circuit connection
Image 3 : Circuit connected to the power supply
  1. Steps: 
  • Regulated Ic 7805 is a 3-terminal device. Pin 1- input, pin 2- ground and pin 3- output. Connect positive terminal of capacitor to input(pin 1) and negative terminal to ground(pin 2) respectively. Then take two connections from ground(pin 2) and output(pin 3) terminal. This circuit is known as a regulated circuit.
  • Requirement of intensity of light connecting 5 LED strips is in parallel. Then two terminals from LED strips to regulated circuit(ground:pin 2 and output:pin 3 terminal). 
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  • As per connection diagram, Connect positive terminal of panel to the switch.(switch is in series with the panel)l. Then second terminal of switch and negative terminal of panel connect to the capacitor(1000μF) according to their polarity.

5) Then installed the solar dome light.

Bill of material 

Sr. no.Material Cost of material 
1Solar panel (10watt)Rs.600
2Capacitor (1000μF)Rs. 5
3Regulated Ic(7805)Rs.5
4LED strips (DC 5V)Rs. 30
5DomeRs. 80
6switchRs. 20