Objective :- The objective of this project is to fabricate whiteboard tripod for workshop use.

2D sketches
Design parameters:-
1) Tripod having 143 cm i heigth & 72 cm in width in dimension
2) The angle between respective squar tubes is around 60 degree
3) Tripod is easy to move anywhere .
4) Tripod is made in nut & bolt assembly way so tripod is not fully fixed or welded .
5) The whiteboard angle is also changing from 90 degree to 120 degree with respect to ground

Actual parts fabricated according to design

Material selection & properties :- 
with considering the strength of tripod and flexibility purpose I chose mild steel squar tubes
this mild steel squar tubes having following properties
# modulus of elasticity =200GPa
# Poisons ratio=0.27
# Density = 7800 kg/m3
# Tensile strength = 475 MPa
# Yield strength = 275 Mpa
Procedure followed :-
1) First I took two squar tubes with dimensions 2x2 cm & third tube with 2.5 x 2.5
2) then I cut the squar tube connecting strips on CNC plasma machine
3) after that I bent the whitboard resting strips by using bending machine
4) then I weld the all squar tubes at peak portion
5) at the end whole parts are assembled with nut and bolts
Conclusion :-
1) fabrication of whiteboard tripod system is completed .
2) Now the whiteboard tripod system is in workshop used .