Water pumping system: solar dc pump (vertical pump)

  1. principle: water pump, the pump through which we get water from the ground.
  2. Working: The system operates on power generated using solar pv system.
  3. The photovoltaic array convert the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor set . pumping system system drawn water from the open well bore etc.

4. Basic of solar water pumping system:-

  • content: 1.parts of water pumping system . 2. working of solar water pumping system.3. utility 4.appropriate cost.5. Advantage of solar water pumping system.
  • parts of solar pumping system: solar pv panel , one of the following motor, pipe.
  • Advantages :-
  • long time life
  • highly reliable and durable
  • eco -friendly
  • Hp water pumping system
  • Calculation:-
  • 1HP=746watt
  • Head- 4kg/cm square
  • module type- zs30072p
  • nominal wattage- 300w+- 2%
  • Nominal wattage-300watt
  • year-2019
  • serries connection
  • component :-
  • array controller
  • mcb
  • wire
calculation of water pumping system
solar array junction box
solar pumping pv system
  • solar sewing machine :-
sewing machine
pwm solar charge controller
sewing machine motor

panel-inverter-circuit bord




isc-8.55 A

maximum power current=8.13

dc motor- N-s pole magnet coil

  • part of motor-

stator frame

rotor magnet


  • Energy audit at home=
energy audit at home