Flat Plate Collector Solar Cooker

principle :solar cooking is that sun are converted to heat counducted into cooking.

Formula: CR=At/Arc

At=total collected area

Arc =area of absorber surface

Intial temputure ;Food and ambient

31degree .c

Input=solar radiation intencity*Area Tiffien

Output=solar energy utilised cooking

Q=M*CP*^t/ ^T

Procedure-1) 100 gm water, 100- gm rice,mass Tiffien mass -108

surface area tiffin caluculate= 1ldl




=0.020 m2




Dry weghit of cooked rice 308

Wet weghit of rice after cooking 292

the loss of rice in 7%

Advantage of solar cooker :1) Tested ,sanded , more protein , natural heat cooking method in rice

Disadvantage : very large time cooked in rice, it cannotbe used at only day time,the cooking is slow