COD plate designing & Fabrication :-

Objective :- 1) Previous COD plate had not matched to the size of COD apparatus.

2) Hole of COD plate were oversize & hence COD tubes had not been fit properly in the holes.

Procedure :- a) I had taken the dimensions for new COD plate & had made the design of plate in solidwoks according to the dimensions.

b) After designing of COD plate in solidworks, I had saved the file with .dxf extension & convert it using fastcame software to create the program for CNC plasma cutter.

c) I had feed that program to CNC plasma cutter to cut the plate according to the dimensions.

d) After cutting of plate it is coated with FRP (Fiber Reinforced plastic) to provide resistance to corrosion because the plate is deep in high temperature water for long period during process.

e) Also, teflon washers were provided on tube holes.

e) FRP cotting composition for COD plate :-

i) Cutting of FRP glass fibre sheet according to the required size.

ii) Resin = 200ml.

iii) Cobalt = 2ml.

iv) Thinner (fitter) = 2ml.

e) COD plate is ready.