Tricoderma is a potential bio control agent and used extensively for soil born disease. It has been successfully used against pathogenic fungi belonging to various genera. It is highly interactive in roots, soil, and foliar environments. In order to produce Tricoderma powder,initial stage involves growing Tricoderma in lab on a media. Hence, growing tricoderma (making plates of Tricoderma plates) was the assignment given to me.


  1. 1 gm of ready-made Tricoderma viride powder ( Ino Trico company) was weighed.
  2. The above weighed tricoderma powder was added to 9 ml autoclaved distilled water, and uniformly (in order to make suspension).
  3. 0.2 ml of above suspension was inoculated on sterile PDA( Potato Dextrose Agar) plate with help of sterile spreader, micro tip aseptically.
  4. The plates were labeled, packed with paraffin film and then incubated at 36 degree Celsius for 48 hours in the incubator.

Blackish growth was observed on the plates, Green colored Tricoderma growth was not observed on the PDA plate even after 10-15 days of incubation. These plates cannot be further used for inoculation on substrate for tricoderma multiplication.

Observation: Inora (Tricoderma viridae) Plates

Work Required on:

It was suggested that microscopy has to be done of the plates in order to know what actually the ‘Inora Tricoderma powder’, contains.