Required material:

  1. MS sheet(4X8 ft)- 2mm thick- 1 nos
  2. MS pipe (41.56 mm OD, 4.42 mm thick) –
  3. Wire rope ( 5mm diameter)-
  4. Square tube (20 X 20 mm)- 150 mm
  5. Hinges- 3 nos.
  6. Latch-2 nos.


The fabrication of the machine is fairly simple and mainly involves cutting, welding, and drilling operations.

The only part which is a little complicated to fabricate is the silage drum, hence only the procedure to fabricate the silage drum is given,

  1. Cut the MS sheet using the plasma cutter to the required size. In this case 750mm X 1130 mm.
  2. Cut a circular section of 364 mm diameter as a base for the drum. ( The extra 4 mm to compensate for the thickness of the sheet.)
  3. Also cut a rectangular section of 41.56 X 1130 mm to use as a base for the whole assembly.
  4. Roll the sheet of the drum using a rolling machine and weld the free ends of the sheet to make a closed drum.
  5. Cut the drum in half to make two halves of the same diameter using hand grinder.
  6. Weld one of the halves of the drum to the circular sheet, weld the rectangular cross-section on the edge of other of the circular sheet. This will provide a base for the drum.
  7. Weld a square tube on one edge of the other half of the drum,
  8. Weld one end of the 3 hinges on the square tube at equal distances, and weld the other ends to the main drum,
  9. Rivet the latches to the drum.