Composting of any material is an aerobic method that is It can be done in presence of air so that given waste material can be decomposed into organic material using oxygen from air. The process involves decomposition of organic material which is a good Fertilizer in agriculture.  In short, Composting requires the following two components with human management.

  • aerobic conditions,
  • development of internal biological heat.

Recently we have heard  news about of air pollution in Delhi. One of the major contributing factor to Delhi air pollution was the Burned Wheat Straw by near by State such as Hariyana and Pajab.

Indian farmers usually fire out agriculture  waste and hence it causes many adverse effect on upper layer  of land by killing biological sphere of fertile land and hence further degrade the  amount of organic carban from soil.  to address this problem people from all over glob trying to find solution but there are still some  agriculture wast like wheat Straw, Beans Straw,Bajara Straw, Maize straw ..etc  takes long time to compost it naturally    hence naturally farmers prefers to easiest solution of firing it.

By studying this senerio we thought how to address to this problem so that farmers from rural india could get easy and practical solutions.

Problem Statement :

  “Reduction of Decomposition time of wheat straw using diffenet Biological  Methods “

Procedure and Techniques used  :-

We have collected raw materials required for the composting of wheat straw. It has been chopped into smallest size around one to two inches so that decomposition process activated as early as possible.

We have organized  this raw martial into five small size beds using different culture in controlled moisture conditions.

BED 1 –Azolla  Culture

BED 2- Poultry Manure

BED 3- Vermi Compost

BED 4- Urea

BED 5- Control

Observations :-

This setup has observed for 30 day  by  sprinkling two liters of  water  per Bed Per day.

Result :  First Bed has got excellent result as expected within period of 30 days only as compare with  other  Four Beds.


BED 1 –Azolla bed

BED 2- Poultry manure

BED 3-Composting

BED 4-Urea

BED 5- Control

after one month


In past, we had very encouraging result of wheat straw composting in May 2018. In equal amount of wheat straw and azolla were use in 1:1 ratio. We wanted to confirm these results and try couple of modification as follows:

  1. Wheat straw + azolla = 1:1 and
  2. Wheat straw + azolla = 1:0
  3. 1:1 with BARC compost and kitchen waste.
  4. Azolla, BARC culture and wheat straw

System is under observation.