Problem definition :

  • to check out whether students have taken meal or not in kitchen night.

objectives :

  1. To make a simple manually operated chart system.
  2. To make easy & durable system.
  3. To make low cost system.

Ideation :

  1. To prepared ragister.
  2. Biometric system.
  3. Token system.
  4. Individual seating arrangement.
  5. To make app,using MIT app inventor.
  6. manually operated chart system.

Trials :

Token system :

  1. Firstly we have selected token system & prepared small model.
  2. We have purchased nut, bolts & bijagri from market and then we have drilled on baten & on token.
  3. Tokens are of the MDF material & then fitted on the baten  with the help of nuts & bolts.
  4. Hence, small model was prepared.
  5. But,we have neglected this system because; it has high cost.

MIT app inventor system :

  1. Firstly we have decided that, to prepare one app for our kitchen assignment.
  2. When we have started to creat the table & check box in MIT app inventor & entered names of members in check box.
  3. but it was not properly adjust on a normal mobile screen, that’s why we have neglected this app system.

Final idea :

  • We finalised manually operated chart system.

Why? :

  1. Because this is quick & simple process.
  2. Less time consuming process.
  3. This system is better to all member.

work done status :

  • Firstly, we have created kitchen table of all members in excel; in that names of all  members were listed.
  • Then we have imported this table to inkscape app & captured screenshot.
  • Afterthat,this table were sent to laser machine for printing or engraving.
  • Then after engraving, cutting on Acrylic were done with laser engraving machine.
  • Then we have prepared rectangular design of size 292*208mm in RD works software & sent it to laser machine for cutting.
  • The cutting of MDF was done by laser machine.
  • Afterthat, we have simultaneously drilled on Acrylic paper & on MDF by using drilling machine & fitted nuts & bolts at four corners.
  • Finally, our assignment was completed.