This is team activity 7 students work on these assignment.

Dhamari school wants dryer for drying small amount of vegetable, also wants low cost dryer and give high efficiency.


  1. To developed ARTI dryer at low cost.
  2. To give high efficiency.
  3. To dry small amount of vegetable very well.
  4. To installed dryer any placed


  1. First we cut the four bamboo equal size of 160cm then creat  pyramid type shape.
  2. 40cm rod is marked 10 cm distance and bend with the help of hammer and inserted into at the top of drilled bamboo.
  3. then flat plate marked 14.5 distance and it cut & bend it middle.
  4. Making the first frame 100cm*100cm.cut the bamboo and making 2nd frame 50cm*50cm. again cut the bamboo and making 3rd frame 30cm*30cm.
  5. Insert net in three frames and tight it.
  6. Drill the bamboos and insert the hooks at four side.
  7. Hang the three tray through hook.
  8. After that we have marked on black cover according to scale with the help of measuring the tape, so as to cut proper height, width and length for covering dryer.
  9. Then we purchased well-cro for attach to black cover.
  10. Then we fixed well-cro to the black cover with the help of sieving machine.
  11. Finally we have installed our prepared ARTI dryer.