Shuffler is an expensive solar concentration which is practically unused because of the operational inconvenience. Stationing a person for long time operations of roasting of solid food products or condensation of liquid products comes with a high labor cost. Operational inconvenience arises because it is not possible to work in the shuffler room for a long time due to the heat of the sun especially in summer..


Project Solar Roaster aims at solving the mentioned issues by developing an automated system for roasting application. Automation of the systems aims at minimizing or if possible, eliminating human interventions so that only loading and unloading operations need to be manually done.


  1. To make a Solar roster.
  2. Powered by Scheffler concentrator.
  3. To roast product in bulk.
  4. Minimum required energy.
  5. Minimum cost of machine.
  6. Automation of the systems.
  7. Skill person not required for operation.
  8. Economical to small entrepreneur


We discuss about the project of rava(semolina) how to roast because the scheffler dish should be come in use so we think about solar drum roaster and also solar pan roaster for groundnut roaster,we were thinking which is more comfortable to use.


First we decide to make solar drum roaster ,then i starting taking reading of rava(semolina) which is roasted in pan because we want to know how much time & temperature  is required to roast.


I note down the reading temperature and time from this reading we remove the density of rava(semolina) and how much rava(semolina) can roast(capacity).



First we think about the solar drum roaster but in group discussion or meeting we were this there is problem of rotating drum so we cancel and start thinking about solar pan roaster and it can also use for rava(semolina) and groundnut roaster again same procedure done with groundnut we think that groundnut can be roast in pan.but rava (semolina) cannot roast in pan due to fine particle because we does not have that much accuracy instruments or machinery   to make the stirrer blades so i start taking reading and searching how to move the groundnut and also started designing in soldwork.

  Then we decide to bring material and we should start with prototype of solar pan roaster.i start working with project and i have completed half of prototype again it was cancel.The reason was how to make stirrer blades than can move the groundnut from downward to upward so it was cancel.



Finally we decide to make solar drum roaster, first we design the solar drum roaster on soldwork then we started to make prototype .The main part like side circle of the cylinder was cut on the plasma machine and part are joined together after this we make a supporting strips of ms iron were welded together  an it look like a plus sign  then it is welded to side circle of cylinder to have support after completing this processes it look like drum.Therefore baffles are also placed in drum for uniform roasting of semolina.




After completing drum shaft is connected but shaft is very heavy so we decided to have hollow pipe in center of drum and at the end of hollow pipe shaft is press-fitted then it placed in drum and it is fixed.the shaft ends diameter is reduced on a lath machine for fit in hollow pipe then it is connected to drum.

after completing a drum structure is time to make frame to placed or put drum on a frame structure ,on this frame drum is going to rotate horizontally and also motor is going fix on a frame. on frame pedestal bearing is fix by nut bolts on which drum is going to rotate.


total frame is completed, next procedure was a to make frame for motor the frame should a such a way that the motor can be movable in vertically to adjust a belt or to give tension for rotating belt which is connected to cycle wheel (cycle wheel is use as pulley which is fix to the drum),full procedure has been completed then coupling is made for motor which is press-fitted on motor on coupling belt is moving,this coupling is made on lath machine.


Total assembling is was completed,but we have to know about leakages of drum while working so we think about take trial on drum by putting a sand an rotate it ,we want to know about motor can bear the load or not we place a sand 10 kg but motor was not capable because the torque was less but motor can rotate a sand about 8 kg only. now we want to know about leakage so we remove sand and clean the drum properly after cleaning the drum we place a semolina in drum about 5 kg and rotate it we fount a very less leakage about 2 to 3 leakage, then we fix it by silicon glue.


after all work completed of fabrication then the time was came to take test of solar drum roaster,  scheffler were adjusted and focus toward the location an the process was started for taking test and reading hence the result was positive, semolina was roaster in 40 min then we think about to roast groundnut in solar drum roaster an it was also roasted.