It was group assignment of 7 student of development of ARTI dryer which is required by New English School Of Dhamari.


  1. To develop ARTI dryer at low cost .
  2. To give high efficiency.
  3. To dry the small amount of vegetable.


following procedure was followed to make bamboo dryer –

1.Cut the 4 bamboos of 167 cm and create pyramid shape from these 4 bamboos.

2.Cut the rod of 5mm to hold the bamboos pyramidically and fixed it by weld.

3.cut the flat plate of 14.5 cm and form L-angle from it.

4.cut the bamboos for making of frame.

5. Make frame of 3 different dimensions.

6.Insert the hook in the bamboos.

7.Sieve the frame with nylon mesh wire and complete frame is hang on hook.

8.Cut the black paper according to dimension of dryer and attached with Velcro.

9.Completed the ARTI dryer.

fig1. Making of ARTI dryer
fig2. ARTI Dryer
fig3. Substrate loaded in dryer