The Micro Solar Dome (MSD) is a day and night lighting single device unique in its features, that has a transparent semi-spherical upper dome made of acrylic material which captures the sunlight and the light passes through a sun-tube having a thin layer of highly reflective coating on the inner wall of the passage. It also contains a lower dome made of acrylic. There is a shutter in the bottom of the lower dome which can be closed if the light is not required in the daytime.  It is leak proof and works throughout the day and 4 hours continuously after sunset

This unit is used to give light in slum areas for daytime. In order to capture daylight and concentrate the same inside a dark room, particularly in an urban slum or rural areas which lack electricity supply, a low cost, and energy efficient Micro Solar Dome has been tested and developed.

In this project following problem is there:-

1] Leakages in the roof

2] Fixture making

3] Light simulation

4] Different direction of houses

5] Sun direction

This is also problems for slabs and strong roofs because of cutting is almost not possible.

So I have to find a new solution to transfer this light from a different direction for these types of houses. While searching this type of solution Dixit sir suggested direct connection from the solar panel to LED. This experiment goes successful. I got a new solution.

This solution has approx the same cost estimation for daylight solution.

Cost estimation for daylight solution:-

Daylight  MSDDaylight Solution of direct connection of solar panel to LED
10 W Solar Panel +  6 LED’s  Micro Solar DomeRs. 60010 W Solar PanelRs. 500
10 W LEDRs. 50
Total:-Rs. 550

The calculation of the solar panel and used LED circuit is here:-

Circuit Diagram of MSD

Solar Panel Specification:-

Module Type:- SS 3 (6V)

Maximum Power (Pmax):- 3.00 W

Open Circuit Voltage(Voc):- 10.80 V

Short Circuit Current (Isc):-  0.37 A

Rated Voltage (Vmp):- 8.82 V

Rated Current (Imp):- 0.34 A

Module Weight:- 17 kg

Module Dimension:- 200*200*17 MM

Nominal Cell Temperature:- 47 +-2’C

Maximum Temperature:- 85′ C

Output Tolerance:- +- 3%

Maximum System Voltage:- 600 VUL/1000 V IEC

Operating Temperature:- -40′ C to +80’C

Same specifications TWO  panels are there which gives a maximum output of  6W.

This is the separate image of Solar Panel and Micro Solar Dome:-

I have installed 3 unit of Micro-Solar Dome in Vigyan Ashram to taste the unit and wherein that section daylight is not easily available.

1st Installation of MSD in guest room bathroom of Vigyan Ashram:-

2nd Installation of MSD in Dome of Vigyan Ashram:-

3rd unit of MSD Installed in DIC’s bathroom:-