Project name:- Solar Mobail Charging station

Participate :1) Poonam Ichake

2) Korade Amol

3) Karkhile Ganesh

Apparatus:- Battery, junction box,Panel, USB pin,Screw, drilling Machine.

We are here for an internship in vigyan Ashram for Solar learning Solar Enrgy System. At the Start we Have been Introducd by Mr. Suhas Labade Sir. sir Told us the rules and condition of the vigyan Ashram and shown all the project in VA. then they divided in to 5 equal groups.then name given to the groups realated to the Renewable Energy.

We Saw Lots of Project:-

  1. Solar Dryer
  2. solar Concentric collector
  3. Sheep Farming
  4. Cow Farming
  5. Labs
  6. Fab Lab
  7. Electrical Fab Lab
  8. Computer Lab
Picture showing all the components of Solar mobile Charging Station.
Solar Mobile Charging Station Project Completed.
Information of the roll component PCB board are the sholder in component usb is a connection is a combine regulator voltage capacitor 7802 Main Connection battery to the diode connected in battery usb is fix circuit this charger system use in panel choosing panel is 8.95v using system installation in project panel is are adjust in 20 degree in a fix panel this system current is 1.3 a and battery voltage is 6v in use a mobile charge in 5V and current in a 1A.
Solar Mobile Charging Station During Installation.