Objective: To make a meter box from GI sheet

Material: Metal sheet, Scale, Pencil, Marker, Scissor, Hammer, Rivet,                Rivet gun


1. First metal sheet of having dimensions 3×3 feet was taken.

2. Then marked the dimensions of 28.5×18 cm, 30×18cm, 28.5×18cm.

3. Then another faces of box were marked such as 30×18cm as top face and 30 ×27cm as portion joining the back side of the box.

4. The door of the box was marked with dimensions of 33×27cm.

5. All the marked faces were cut with the help of scissor along the marked dimensions.

6. Then required edges of the faces were turned inside by 1.5cm for the safety and proper making of the box.

7. The separate faces of the box were joined together with the help of 4 mm rivets.

8. The door of dimensions of  30 ×33 cm was cut and joined to the box with the help of hinges.


             While joining the different faces of box cutting and bending of box at appropriate dimensions were required.

Learning outcome:

Riveting, Handling of metal sheet winding machine

Bill of material:

Sr. No. Particulars Cost, Rs
1. GI sheet 180
2. Rivets 48
3. Hinges 20
4. Lock 10
Total   258