Since the electronics material were kept in trays i.e. trays containing different types of resistors capacitors and other stuff and these trays were piled up over the table so my job was to make a rack for keeping the trays in an organized manner. Instead of making rack which would be placed over the ground and occupy the dead volume, making a hanging rack was the better option.

Objective: – To design and fabricate an LSP rack as per requirement.

Material required: –                                               

        1) MS Square pipe – 6 m

                                   2) POP corrugated sheet – 2.02 m × 0.4 m

                                   3) Aluminum pop Rivets – 22 rivets of 6/16”

                                   4) Grinder

                                   5) Welding machine

                                   6) Hand drilling machine

                                   7) Rivet gun

                                   8) Painting brush and black paint

                                   9) 6 Nut bolts of 6mm size

                                 10) 3 dog chains


 1) Firstly MS square pipe of various sizes were found from the scrap yard.

MS Square pipe from trash

2) Two MS square pipe was cut in 2 m length and four MS square pipe in 40 cm length was cut using grinder.

3) After fabrication, the frame was constructed in form of rectangular frame by wielding the MS pipe such that the length of frame is 2.02 m and width is 40 cm.

4) Once the wielding was done, red oxide was applied over the frame and then black paint was done.

Frame after applying paint

5) The POP Sheet of size of frame was cut using hack saw.

6) After drying of black paint, the holes of 4 mm were drilled over the frame so that POP (Plaster of Paris) corrugated sheet was placed over the frame and attached by rivets over the sheet.

POP Sheet is placed and attached using rivets with the help of rivet gun
LSP Rack

7) Three  holes of 6mm size  were drilled along the length of 2.02 m and 3 dog chains were attached to the frame by using  6mm nut bolts  so that they can used for hanging and providing support to the frame.

8) G.I wire was used as hooks for attaching the whole LSP Rack to the roof.

The cost of material required is given below :

Materials No. of items Cost
Dog chains 3 270
POP Sheet4 200
MS Square pipe for Frame 1 330
Rivets 22 33
Nut and bolts 6 6
Red oxide solution   30
Paint 80
Total cost 949