Dome Dryer


Durgadevi Mahila Swayamsahayat Bachatgat, Shelu.

They need of Dome dryer to dry Papad, Onion, Garlic, Ginger etc.

3 May

Order received from Durgamata Mahila Bachat Group. They wanted a dome dryer so they wanted to make it from a Vigyan Ashram.

4 May

Mahesh and I both started working on the old dome dryer.

First we separated the same dome from the frame and then removed the leave on the frame because it was really bad.

Old Plywood
New Plywood

We then polished the outside and inside of the dome with the help of a grinder.

Outer Portion
Inner Portion

5 May

Grind the whole dome struture.

And polished the dome struture

6 May

I fill the gaps on the dome structure with metal putti.

I then remove the paint from the old tray which is used to keep the dry matter in the sun.

7 May

Mahesh, Prathmesh and I paint the dome structure as well as plywood with black paint.

8 May

We paint the tray used in the dome dryer with a base coat (primer).

9 May

Mahesh and Ashish paint the trays with white food grade color.

We paint the rest of the dome structure and place the tray structure on the plywood that is mounted on the dome stand.

10 May

Shrikant, Prasad Sir and I deliver the Dome Dryer.

Then Prasad sir is giving information and training on how to use Dome Dryer as well as Flat Bed Dryer.