Introduction:-There is a solar metal dome dryer in vigyan ashram. some parts of it were damaged. It needs to be repaired and used for drying various products.

Objective:1) To refurbish dome dryer and make it working.


Date 29/04/22

problems Identify:

•bending outer surface area of dryer

•air gaps was more

•breaking wooden sheet

Firstly open it, repair the outer surface of dome dryer using rubber hammer.then remove the all nut bolts between stand and wooden sheet.then separte the wooden sheet because the wooden sheet was damaged.after clean the dust from tray rack.

Date 10/05/22

polishing wooden sheet of dome dryer

Date 11/05/22

Purchasing material for dome dryer. then cut the aluminium sheet using snip having 3″ width,after that creating holes in aluminium sheet and dome surface then fit with blind rivets.

Date 12/05/22

Filling the small gaps of dome surface using metal putty and large gaps using m-seal.

Date 13/05/22

Polishing the stand of dome dryer using grinder machine. Also polish the outer surface of dome dryer using polish paper.then painting the stand using red oxide.

Date 14/05/22

painting the inner surface of dome dryer, closing the holes of dome dryer with masking tape before painting outer surface,painting the outer surface of dome dryer

Result: Successfully refurbish the dome dryer also close the air gaps using aluminium sheet, metal putty and m-seal.