Municipal Council of Rajgurunagar, Pune is working on the scientific collection and disposal of urban waste under Swatch Bharat Mission. Dr Manik Bichkar is a social worker and she is actively involved with the Municipal Council of Rajgurunagar for waste management. She introduced the municipal council to Vigyan Ashram, Pabal for the same.

Vigyan Ashram has been working in this field and has developed various waste management technologies and composters. Municipal Council, Rajgurunagar and Vigyan Ashram, Pabal had a joint meeting and decided to conduct experiments on wet biodegradable waste.

These experiments were performed on kitchen waste collected from 500 households. We made windrows compost beds at Aarya School Rajgurunagar and performed experiments using BARC culture.

Objectives :

  1. To make windrows compost bed of variable dimensions at Aarya school Rajgurunagar.
  2. To perform trails and monitor the system regularly.
  3. To compile and analyse the field data.
  4. To propose an appropriate solution for biodegradable wet waste.

Data Sheet:-

21 Feb

We went there and saw the site. There was a lot of garbage and it smelled and there were gnats, flies..

23 Feb

Make a two foot wide bed rack measuring with the help of tape and spray five liters of culture on it.

We made 200 liters of culture to avoid the smell of waste. This culture is created by BARC i.e. Bhabha Automatic Research Center.

26 Feb

Also a new bed five feet wide and one foot high was made with the help of rake. Five liters of culture was sprayed on it and we found that the old bed had no flies, larvae and gnats and no odor.

28 Feb

We again made a bed two feet wide of the garbage that came on the 28th Feb and sprayed five liters of cultures on it again.

On the first bed, there were millions of flies, Gnats and no smell.

From 1 Mar 5 Mar

We again made a bed two feet wide of the garbage that came on the 1 Mar and sprayed 15 liters of cultures on remaining beds.

From 7 Mar to 14 Mar

The upper layer of waste was dry.

We identified it with LOD (Loss On Drying).

Then we talked to Dr.Arun and decided to spray bed 1 and 2 with water.

With the help of LOD you know how much water to spray on it.

Accordingly, 200 liters of water was sprayed for bed 1 and 100 liters for bed 2 and 15-15 liters of culture was sprayed on both the beds.

Sprayed only 10 liters of culture for bed number 3.

From 15 Mar to 19 Mar

We were just spraying culture on the waste, then once again discussions with Dr. Dixit, it was decided to spray the culture on the old bed at least once a week.

Bed 1: – Spray 10 liters of culture

Bed 2: – Spray 10 liters of culture

Bed 3: – Spray 15 liters of culture

When we inspected the three beds, we noticed that there was no odor coming from all the three beds and there were no flies on the bed.

21 Mar

We shuffled the compost brought from Rajgurunagar with the help of a shredder machine.

22 Mar

Compost waste in 30 days and we have shown you how to operate such a system. And let’s help with how to make the bed and monitor the system.

3D design for Aarya school

Estimation Calculation

Rajgurunagar Municipal Council had sought suggestion of readymade beds for disposal of garbage of 2000 houses.
It is as follows: –

1=5 ft, b=2 ft, h=5 ft 



=50 ft 3



=10 ft2

50ft 3 = 1415 lit(convert into liter)





=495~500 kg 

Shed dimension,

I=80ft ,b=60ft




We know




=240000 kg 

35 kg if 50 household waste





=714 Houses 

If 714 houses contain garbage in 10ft2, how many houses will sit in 4800ft2 




=342700 houses 

Want to collect 2000 household waste and put it in a shed Houses=2000 




=1400 kg 




=28 ft2 

Will need 28ft2 space for 1400kg of waste for 2000 houses. 

If you need 28ft2 seats for one day, how much for 15 days?



I=2 ft,b=?


A=420 ft2 









=6000 ft^2 

1=60,ft b=2ft, h=5ft( The above measurements are for one bed.)






| = ?



=7 ft2 

The length of the shed is 60 feet.


10ft is the distance between two poles. 

I=6ft, b=2ft, h=5ft 

Volume =6x2x5 

=60ft 3

=600 kg ( Convert into kilo) 

It will take 22 poles for one bed.

The height of one pole is seven feet. 

7×22=154 ft. 

Bill of material

Please click on the below link for BOM:

3D design of the Shed with Beds


While performing these experiments I got a chance to learn about various aspects of composting. I learned how the bed size affects composting. I performed trials and monitor the samples. I learned how to compile and analyze the data. There was no foul smell and composting was fast. Also, there were no flies around the bed and the quality of the compost was good. Such composting requires labour and adequate availability of water on a regular basis. Also, it requires maintaining the temperature for good composting. I found that composting through windrows bed is a good option.